We know you would prefer to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, we can help you do this with a Root Canal Treatment. It looks more painful than it is, as you will be under a local anaesthetic, which will make you numb. By cleaning and filling your tooth roots, you keep your tooth, maintain your smile and continue to enjoy chewing and eating for many years to come! 


A Dental Crown does exactly what it says on the tin, and provides your broken down or damaged tooth with a crown to protect it. While attempts may be made over time to repair teeth with fillings, sometimes the only option is to fit a crown, which can be either metal, ceramic or a combination of both materials. Provided they are created and fitted well, dental crowns have a lifetime of up to ten years.


Like an everyday bridge that connects two things, a dental bridge, connects two sides of a gap in your smile. The middle piece of the bridge is usually a replacement tooth, which will seamlessly match the colour of the teeth either side. A dental bridge is the more cost effective choice for filling a gap in a smile, if a patient does not want to choose the dental implant option.


An Onlay is the little brother of a dental crown, as it may only cover one cusp or point of a tooth, it can also be called a partial crown. Made of metal, porcelain or acrylic an Onlay is effectively a filling to repair damage to the surface of one of your teeth. Once again if done correctly and looked after, and with the right materials it should last you 10 to 15 years.


Unfortunately some people suffer with night grinding of their teeth due to life events, periods of stress or just suffering with bruxism which is an oral condition that happens subconsciously. We can help you overcome this painful and avoidable problem through Tanner Appliance Therapy.


In the past they were the preserve of the rich and famous, used to create Hollywood smiles on makeover tv shows. But more recently they have become very common with widespread use across the dental industry. We use veneers to help improve the structure and aesthetic appearance of highly visible or prominent teeth at the front of the mouth.


While many people associate dentures with their grandparents, or seeing teeth in a glass at some stage in their life. But dentures have progressed significantly in both the materials used in their construction, and the plethora of problems they can help to solve. Both young and old patients can benefit from the use of dentures to replace missing or broken down teeth.


We use orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, and fix your smile and bite, using traditional or invisible braces. Our dentist has extensive experience fixing smiles, and will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan and realistic time frame for completion. Start your new smile journey with a free consultation in our practice.


Did you know that sporting injuries are one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults? Unfortunately in many sports wearing a gum shield is not mandatory, and many participants realise just too late, how effective they are after loosing or damaging a tooth. Prevention is always better than cure, and we would recommend a well-fitting, custom made mouthguard to all of our patients participating in contact sports.


Invisalign has been turning the traditional world of Orthodontics upside down over the last number of years, offering patients clear removable aligners for straightening teeth. Having treated over 8 million smiles globally, you can be sure that the treatment is proven and effective. As an innovative practice, we are delighted to be able to offer this ground breaking treatment to the patients of our Cork practice.


At Ardfallen Dental Practice our team believe in the mantra ‘prevention is better than cure’ so we aim to practice what we preach, by trying to save your own teeth at all times when feasible. We hope to create a partnership approach to your long term oral healthcare, giving you advice and recommendations that are in your best interest.


Opalescence are one of the leading professional teeth whitening system providers in the world. They provide a range of treatment methods to restore your teeth to their former glory! With options including whitening toothpaste, in-practice treatment or take home trays, there is bound to be a system that suits your lifestyle.


While Oral Surgery can cover a vast range of treatments, our most frequently provided services include Wisdom Teeth removal and the placement of Dental Implants. Our dentists have trained extensively in Ireland, UK and the USA to ensure they can provide the highest standards of oral surgery to our patients.


We understand how painful and stressful dental emergencies can be for our patients, so we aim to prioritise these types of cases when they occur. At times this can throw off the daily schedule for our team, and may cause delays, but bear with us if this happens, as we will endeavour to still provide you with your appointment at its allocated time.