Dental ExamFee
Adult Examination€55
Adult Examination with 2 X-Rays€90
Adult Examination, Scale & Polish€85
Children's Examination (15 years of age and under)€35
Children Tooth Cleaning€15
Family Appointments (€30 per child, if 2 or more siblings attend the same visit)€30
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)€35
Seal & Protect Treatment€50
Dental Hygiene
Scale & PolishPrivate €75
PRSI from €15 - €33 (Depending on Gum Health)
Oral Hygiene and Initial CleanPrivate €75
PRSI €33
Deep Clean - Visit 1€150
Deep Clean - Visit 2€150
Radiography X-Rays
Small X-Ray (1 - 4)€25 - €50
Large OPG X-Ray€65
Silver Amalgam€110 - €140
White - Posterior€140 - €170
White - Anterior€120 - €165
Full Tooth Covered "Core' Filling as alternative to a Crown€295
Tooth Whitening Options
At home tooth whitening with custom made trays€325
Top up refill for home tooth whitening€140
Orthodontic Retainers
Orthodontic Retainers (single arch)€150
Orthodontic Retainers (both arches)€250
Root Canal Treatment(fee includes all necessary x-rays)
Front Tooth€525
*Please note Premolars and Molars will always require a full coverage restoration (crown, only or full tooth filling) and possibly a Post Core.€315
E-max Crown€945
Zirconia Crown€965
Reductions for multiple units
Implant Retained Crown€1,295
Porcelain Onlays€915
Maryland Bridge€1,295
Fixed Bridge (fee quoted per unit)per unit €895
E-Max Porcelain Veneers€975
Prosthetics (Dentures)
Full Upper & Lower€1,595
Full Upper or Full Lower€895
Cobalt Chrome€1,395
Partial Acrylic Dentures€655
Relining Existing Denture€200
Denture Repairs
With Impressions€125
Without Impressions€95
Chrome Cobalt RepairsPOA
Gum Shields
Custom made high impact acrylic sports guards€130
Treatment of Night Grinding with Tanner Appliance Therapy
Full Assessment, Provision of Appliance
Includes follow up appointments for further adjustment€545
Full Consultation (Assessment, Study Models, Ceph Analysis and Photographs)€250
Course of Orthodontic Treatment (dependent)(Case assessment payment of €180 included in this fee)€3,900 - €4,900
Laser Frenotomy
Lingual and/or labial frenotomy (inc. consultation fee)€350
Consultation fee only€70
*Treatment is Tax Deductible